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You Don’t Have to Fight the Insurance Company Alone After a Accident

You Don’t Have to Fight the Insurance Company Alone After an Accident

When you have an accident that results in personal injury, getting an insurance company to pay what they should pay can be a hassle. Insurance companies employ a lot of high-paid adjusters whose job is to minimize how much compensation is paid out. These experts know every trick and loophole available to give you the least settlement possible. But who’s looking out for you? If you are in the Austin, Texas, Briggle & Polan, PLLC,  that’s who.

Our firm has years of experience with personal injury cases, and we’ve seen a lot of proposed settlements that were far below what they should have been. We understand insurance companies and how they can sometimes take advantage of a policyholder who has been injured. You pay for insurance just like you agreed to, so it’s only fair that the insurance company holds up their end of the bargain when it comes to personal injury claims.

If you have suffered an injury, whether it’s from an auto accident or something that happened at home, make sure you get sound advice before you talk to the insurance company. Our dedicated staff of attorneys is committed to helping you understand your rights when it comes to insurance claims and would be proud to represent you if you end up needing legal representation.

We live and work right here in Austin, so we’re here when you need us. If you find that you may need a personal injury attorney, just give us a call or contact us online and get the settlement you deserve.