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What Are the Steps to Follow to File a Lawsuit for Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is more common than we wish it were. In cases of malpractice, you will need an advocate to assist you through the process to file the lawsuit. Finding an Austin medical malpractice lawyer is your best bet if the incident happened in Texas.

You are not alone while the gathering of the paperwork process occurs, and records are gathered and researched.

Deciphering Negligence

A doctor or surgeon is generally found to be negligent if they fail to provide adequate health care as well as proving it was below medical standards.

The first step you should consider is contacting the healthcare provider that you believe to have committed malpractice.

In some cases the doctor or surgeon will correct their mistake free of charge, however, do not bet on that fact. Instead, open a line of communication so that you can first understand what did go wrong and who is responsible.

If after you speak to your health professional and you still feel as if malpractice was to blame for your injury, contacting the related Medical Board is an option available. Often by reporting a doctor, you are saving others or backing other people’s claims.

You Do Not Have To Go It Alone

If you feel stressed and your injuries are severe, hiring an attorney from the outset is likely your best choice. You can still advocate for yourself, but you will also have a professional on the team that wants the best outcome for you.

Texas civil medical malpractice suits have a statute of limitations that varies from one to five years. The time limit depends on the severity of the injury and how negligent you and your attorney feel the doctor or surgeon was in their duties.

Your lawyer will get the medical assessments and records to confirm that you qualify for a suit. It takes the stress off your back having a professional make the decision to move forward while keeping in contact with the health care provider at fault.

The initial claim evaluation will give you and your lawyer an idea of the path forward. A settlement will then be handled through your lawyer when an insurance agency makes an offer. You must agree on the solution for them to agree to the total.

However, do not be caught off guard if you find yourself in court. If your attorney feels you deserve more than is being offered, they will fight for you and with you.

Call our medical malpractice lawyer, today, and alleviate the stress of someone else’s error and get what you deserve.