Airplane in the sky

Texas Plane Crash Lawyers Outline Causes of Aviation Accidents

Technological advancements have meant that air travel now is safer than it used to be, and yet, every year, we see hundreds of deaths and more injuries occurring in the US from aviation accidents. The last year has been a momentous one for aviation safety. There were several plane crashes, including one fatal crash and one spectacular near-miss.

Today, we know a lot more about aviation and the causes of plane crashes to believe that these are inevitable, or to blame them on uncontrollable factors, like the weather. Advancements in meteorological processes mean that pilots have access to sufficient information about impending weather conditions in advance, and can take safety precautions. Plane crashes today are more preventable and less inevitable than they used to be decades ago.

Unfortunately, persons involved in airplane accidents are much more likely to be killed than to survive with injuries. This is one of the reasons why investments in aviation safety are so important. When passengers do survive a crash, they may require months of hospitalization for treatment of burns, blunt trauma wounds, amputations, broken bones and other catastrophic injuries. Besides, persons surviving a plane crash will likely suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder that can leave the person suffering from frequent nightmares, flashbacks, memory loss, depression and social withdrawal. In fact, the emotional scars from surviving a plane crash can last longer than the physical wounds.

Investigating an airplane accident can be complicated because the probe may involve the participation of federal aviation agencies, local airports, and private companies. A Minnesota plane crash lawyer will investigate the following factors to identify responsible entities.

  • Pilot error;
  • Lack of pilot experience;
  • Fatigued or overworked pilots;
  • Poorly trained pilots;
  • Pilots with a history of alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Pilots with a history of sanctions for violations;
  • Adverse weather;
  • Mechanical safety of the airplane;
  • Safety of the airline parts;
  • Maintenance of the airplane; and
  • Condition of the airport

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