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Will Insurance Be Enough To Take Care of You After a Car Accident?

Will Insurance Be Enough To Take Care of You After a Car Accident?

Most of us know that insurance coverage, whether it’s car insurance or some other type, can be hard to understand. If you were in an auto accident in Austin today, would you know what was covered? Would you know what your liabilities are or what the other driver’s coverage means for you? Would you need a  lawyer to help you sort it all out? If you don’t know the answers, you aren’t alone.

Auto insurance can be complicated, and much of the resulting coverage is dictated by the factors involved in a collision. Regardless of the factors involved, the three most common areas of coverage you should be concerned with after a wreck are:

Most of the damage that vehicles suffer in an accident is covered in a pretty straightforward manner. But the more severe consequences of an auto accident, like personal injuries, are a little more tricky. You may be entitled to compensation from Bodily Injury Liability Coverage from another driver’s insurance if you are injured in an accident. UM, and UIM may also provide you with compensation from your own insurance provider.

Auto Insurance Policies in Texas

In Texas, PIP and UM/UIM are required with every auto insurance policy. That means that the chances are good that you will encounter both types of coverage after an accident. But a payout from one type of coverage could limit the payout of another type of coverage. It’s important to understand how these two types of coverage affect one another and what it means if you are injured in a car wreck.

With policies that include both of these types of coverage, there are circumstances where they may offset each other. Under certain conditions, the compensation from a Personal Injury Protection claim may be deducted from the Uninsured Motorist claim compensation, known as an offset in insurance lingo. How and why this may happen is something that is hard to figure out unless you are an insurance adjuster or an experienced traffic lawyer.

No matter what type of insurance policy you or another driver holds, if you are injured in an auto accident, you have specific rights and deserve compensation.

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