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What Happens If You Don’t Turn in an Accident Report If Required?

What happens if you don’t turn in an accident report if required?

Being in an auto accident is a terribly disruptive event. It is not the kind of thing you plan on happening when you leave the house in the morning. The fact is not every driver is as attentive and conscientious as you, and another person’s recklessness may lead to a crash that leaves you injured and your vehicle damaged.

The last thing you want to deal with is paperwork and bureaucracy after suffering such a traumatic event. It is nevertheless necessary to do so if you want to get the compensation you deserve.

You should report the damage done to your car to your insurance company. Not doing so can lead to further problems down the road. Even if you were in a minor scrape, the damage done could lead to break downs and malfunctions in the future which are beyond your ability to repair. If you report the damage to your insurance company, they will have to take note that you did so which will give you protection in case something does go wrong.

If you do not file, there will be no record of previous damage. Your insurance company will not know what they have to cover and may refuse to pay anything at all. This will leave you with the burden of paying more out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s also important to note that not reporting the accident to your insurance company is against the law in many states, which may result in legal penalties and fines.

If you have any trouble with filing a claim and getting the compensation that is right, then you should contact a lawyer. Indeed, it is a good idea to speak to a car accident lawyer soon after an accident. Briggle & Polan PLLCare award-winning auto accident attorneys who have dedicated their lives to helping people like you. An Austin car accident lawyer is the only person in all the uproar and confusion that will follow the accident who will be on your side.

At Briggle & Polan, PLLC we take pride in getting results for our clients. The way we work is that no matter what happens you will never have to give us a penny of your own money, regardless of the outcome. We sign on to cases that we know we can win; and if we don’t win you don’t pay.

But even before you get to the settlement stage there is a great deal of paperwork to be handled. This may be the last thing you want to work through in your present state. You need not do so. We’ll handle everything, including the accident report.

It is important to fill out and submit a complete and accurate accident report. The insurance company is looking for any reason to either deny your claim or to reduce the amount they actually pay out on it. Not submitting a proper accident report is one of the things they can use against you.

The auto accident lawyers at Briggle & Polan, PLLC can help you complete an accident report that is thorough and unchallengeable. We have the resources and experience to gather the evidence, examine it, and develop a report that corresponds exactly to the facts of the case. Contact us today for a free consultation.