Truck on a road

Getting Justice When Truck Drivers Display Road Rage

The majority of truck drivers on the roads in and around Austin are hard-working professionals. But like anyone who has a demanding job and long hours, they can display episodes of road rage. The driver of a passenger vehicle displaying road rage can be scary enough, but when it’s the driver of a two or ten-ton truck that’s harassing you on the road, the results can be devastating as well as deadly.

The National Library of Medicine reports that as many as one out of every three drivers on American roadways today have at some time displayed road rage. And when the instigator of road rage is an out of control truck driver showing erratic and impatient driving behavior against a vehicle as much as ten times smaller than his, the results can not only be catastrophic injuries but sometimes also death from a truck accident.

Some of the signs that a truck driver is exhibiting road rage behavior includes intentionally trying to hit your vehicle with his truck or chasing after your vehicle to actually run you off of the road. Another sign of road rage is actually physically stopping his truck, getting out of the cab and confronting you in a heated conversation or argument about something that happened on the road. Other incidents of road rage include drivers encouraging their passengers or the other driver to get into a physical fight, as well as using any type of weapon with the intention of inflicting harm on the driver of the passenger vehicle.

Truck drivers with panic disorders, those who use drugs or prescription medications, or those with emotional issues that haven’t been addressed are the most likely drivers on Texas roads today to display signs of road rage. Lack of sleep and trying to keep up with impossible schedule deadlines can also push truck drivers into experiencing road rage. But none of these circumstances is an excuse for road rage behavior. If you, unfortunately, become the target of trucker road rage while driving, Briggle & Polan, PLLC, is a personal injury law firm in Austin who has the knowledge and expertise to make the truck driver liable for any actions that have caused you harm.

One of the special areas of law practiced by the caring attorneys at Briggle & Polan, PLLC, is helping clients receive compensation for personal injury caused by road rage incidents in which truck drivers are involved. When you have expert legal representation to deal with the aftermath of trucker road rage, you can file a claim for financial compensation to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, along with pain and suffering.

Taking legal action to hold truck drivers and trucking companies responsible when drivers exhibit road rage behavior that seriously harms or even proves fatal to other drivers is the best way to pick up the pieces if you are involved in a trucker road rage incident. Schedule a consultation with a member of our personal injury legal team to discuss the options to have in filing a claim either for personal injuries to yourself or a wrongful death suit should road rage involving a truck has claimed the life of a family member.