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Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied?

When we get in a car accident, we expect our insurance companies to come through for us. After going through such a traumatic experience, the last thing we want to worry about is paying for car repairs. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why car insurance companies decide to deny a car insurance claim. Learn what they are so you’re not left in the lurch the next time you’re in an accident.

Common Reasons Car Insurance Companies Deny a Claim

The following are some of the most common reasons a car insurance company may deny your claim:

  • You missed a payment. Your car insurance company may suspend your coverage if you miss even one payment. It’s not always apparent when this happens, so it’s important to pay the amount due each month and keep in close contact with your insurer if you do happen to miss a payment.

  • You don’t have full coverage. Many people don’t understand that the components of a policy you purchase will determine the funds you receive if you get into an accident. Every driver is required to carry liability insurance, but there are additional insurance components available, including collision, comprehensive, and more. If your car was damaged by a falling tree, for example, and you don’t have comprehensive insurance, your car insurance company will not pay for the damage sustained to your vehicle.

  • You didn’t report the incident on time. It’s important to report any incident to your insurer right away. Otherwise, your insurance company could claim they didn’t have enough time to research the incident properly, and will deny your claim.

Issues with Your Insurance Claim? We’re Here to Help

If you were injured in a car accident and you’re having trouble receiving compensation, our Austin personal injury attorneys are here to help. We’re well-versed in insurance law and we’ve recovered millions of dollars for clients.

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