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Staying Safe on Halloween Night

Halloween can be a night of fun for both adults and children Some will spend the evening dressed up in costumes and trick or treating. Others may spend the night attending Halloween parties or visiting haunted houses.


However, it's important to remember that safety is still the number one priority. People should know there are safety issues for people of all ages. It is also a night where the risks for pedestrians and drivers increase. Children are crossing the street in darkness, and combine this with more distracted or drunk drivers on the road, it can be a disaster waiting to happen.


Drivers and pedestrians should know some important steps to take to ensure a safe Halloween.

A Dangerous Night

Reports by the American Automobile Association (AAA) show that when it comes to car crashes, Halloween has proven to be one of the most dangerous times of the year. Statistics show that it is one of the top three days during the year for the most number of vehicle injuries and pedestrian accidents. On this night, the risk of children being hit by a vehicle is four-times greater than at any other. Being safe means being aware of all possible dangers and taking necessary precautions.

Take Extra Precautions With Children

It's important that children be aware of traffic safety rules. Children under the age of 12 should have supervision when they are out. Reflective tape on a child's costume or carrying glow sticks or flashlights will help make them more visible to motorists.

Obey the Rules of the Road

Drivers should make certain to come to stop completely at all stop signs and traffic signals. Aggressive driving should be avoided. In residential neighborhoods, drivers should go slower than they would on any other given day and stay extra alert in residential areas, as there will be more trick-or-treaters.

Alert When Walking

With many costumes comes the potential for tripping on sidewalks, stumbling, or falling. Any adult walking under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be dangerous when crossing roads as well.

Walk With Caution

Pedestrians also have a responsibility to walk according to laws. It is important they stay on the sidewalk where cars expect you to be. Pedestrians on an area with no sidewalks should walk as far to the right as possible and face oncoming traffic. Only designated crosswalks should be used for road crossing.

Avoid Distractions

When walking or driving, it is important for people to remain focused on what they are doing. Pedestrians should avoid using earphones and walk with their heads up. Drivers should avoid doing any task that could cause their eyes to go away from the road, such as using your cell phone for any reason. If you have a mask on, take it off while driving so you are able to use your peripherals.


If you or a loved one is injured on Halloween or another day of the year, make sure to obtain legal representation if your area.


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