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Immediately Talk to an Attorney After a Car Crash

Hospital visits, insurance calls, and messages from loved ones are all expected after surviving a car accident caused by another person’s negligence. Unfortunately, many people don’t reach out to Austin. TX car accident attorneys until weeks after their accidents (if they ever do.)

Based on this fact, Briggle & Polan is here to tell you why you should immediately talk to a personal injury attorney after suffering a car crash.

Getting the Correct Medical Report

Unfortunately, not every medical practitioner provides the same level of care, as some doctors/specialists are better than others. If doctors incorrectly diagnose patients’ post-accident injuries, they could unintentionally prevent them from receiving the just compensation they deserve.

In short, the facts in a medical report could be the difference between a successful personal injury lawsuit and a failed one; however, Briggle & Polan can help. Our firm has connections with trusted medical practitioners that are some of the best in their fields. They will take into account every injury you sustained, helping you document the full extent of your wounds.

While getting the right diagnosis is crucial to your case, there is one other reason you should talk to us immediately after a car crash: we can help you navigate insurance settlements.

Navigating Insurance Settlements

When accidents occur, some insurance companies reach out to the injured in hopes that they will settle their claims before they know the full extent of their damages. They will offer tens of thousands of dollars to people, hoping the injured will accept the settlements before they realize how much their cases are worth.

It’s never wise to accept an insurance settlement without fully understanding a case.

While tens of thousands of dollars may seem like a win, it can end up being hundreds of thousands of dollars short of what a case is worth. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to talk to a personal injury about a case before accepting a settlement.

Ready to Talk to an Attorney at Briggle & Polan?

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, Briggle & Polan is here to help. Our firm can estimate the value of your case, and get you in touch with the medical practitioners you need now. Additionally, we can help you navigate insurance claims to fight for the recovery amount you deserve.

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