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Should You Take the Settlement Offer From the Trucking Company’s Insurance Provider?

There is no disputing the fact that truck accidents are some of the most deadly on-road collisions. This is mainly due to the fact that normal vehicles don’t stand a chance against these massive vehicles. Even a fender bender, normally causing minor damage with regular-sized vehicle accidents, can completely total the smaller vehicle and lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities.


If you are lucky enough to survive a truck accident, you will probably also be dealing with the legal aftermath of the collision, including a personal injury case. In many instances, it is found that the truck driver or trucking company was the party that acted negligently and is at fault for the crash.


If this is the case for you, the insurance provider of the trucking company may try to offer you a settlement for your damages. Before you take it, however, there are a few things to consider.

Calculating Full Damage Amounts

While calculating damages in many car accident cases can be quite simple, calculating full damages in a truck accident can prove relatively complex. Many victims understandably want their immediate bills paid for and that’s it. However, they may fail to realize the big picture and accept a low-ball offer that ends up not covering their entire damages.


When it comes to determining a fair settlement offer in these cases, here are a few angles to consider:

  • Have you been out of work for a period of time?

  • Will you be able to do the same work you did before? Will you ever be able to work again?

  • How much are your medical bills?

  • Do you expect to have more medical bills in the future?

  • Will you need to see any specialists or physical therapists?

  • Will you need any surgeries to fix a problem related to the injuries you sustained in the accident?

  • Will you need special equipment such as a wheelchair or a walker?

  • What is the long-term outlook for your injuries? Will they ever heal entirely?


The point is that you and your attorney will need to look beyond your current and immediate expenses and also figure out how your injuries may impact the rest of your life. Once many of these questions are answered, your attorney may advise you that the settlement offer does not cover your entire damages and you deserve much more.

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In many cases, trucking companies will have a team of legal experts working to reduce their liability in the accident. We understand this and are prepared to fight hard against the trucking company and their insurance provider so that you walk away with the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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