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Not Every Personal Injury Attorney Goes to Trial

When we picture lawyers, we typically think of men and women standing before judges and juries in courtrooms. While Briggle & Polan is proud to represent our clients in court when necessary, many personal injury attorneys never take their cases to court. How can lawyers make a living without trying cases? They rely on settlements.

Personal Injury Lawsuits & Settlements

At any point during a personal injury case, the defendant (the party being sued) and the plaintiff (the party suing) can agree to settle a claim outside of court. Once the two parties agree to a settlement, the case closes (possibly before the case ever goes to trial.)

There are many benefits to settling a case outside of court:

  • It’s faster than taking a case to trial;
  • It can forgo court fees;
  • The plaintiff can get “fast money” to take care of immediate needs.

However, there can be negatives to settling a case outside of court:

  • The plaintiff may not get the full amount of compensation they deserve;
  • The defendant may evade taking responsibility for the accident publically.

If the plaintiff deserves more money than what the defendant is willing to offer through a settlement, the only option is to take the defendant to court. Therefore, while settlements aren’t bad, a lawyer who only works for settlements can drastically limit a plaintiff’s recovery options.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to hire an Austin personal injury firm that has a history of successful trial cases.

Briggle & Polan Tries Cases

Sometimes, a settlement offer doesn’t cut it, and you need representation that can take your defendant to court. At Briggle & Polan, we fight for clients in courtrooms because we believe in holding defendants accountable for the injuries they cause. Get peace of mind knowing that we can work in and out of courtrooms for your case!

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