teen driver texting behind the wheel

The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

Have you ever heard of the 100 deadliest days of summer? We know that extreme heat in the summer months can cause damage to your vehicle, but other dangers exist, and you should know about them. The 100 deadliest days of summer refer to the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During this time, teen driver deaths increase, as do catastrophic injuries. Here’s why:

More Young Drivers On the Road

The summer months often mean more young drivers that don’t have to deal with school. These younger drivers may also have friends in their vehicle, resulting in some of the most dangerous distractions, including visual and cognitive.

More Inexperience

While many young drivers can operate their vehicles safely, some are inexperienced. The lack of knowledge regarding what to do in certain situations can create numerous dangers. For instance, if a driver doesn’t know what to do when approaching traffic at a high speed, they may swerve into another lane, which can cause a severe collision.

More Distractions

Unfortunately, many of the younger drivers on the road often use their cellphones or eat and drink while driving. They also have passengers or look around at others on the road. These form distractions which, at higher speeds, lead to rear-end collisions, multi-vehicle crashes, and catastrophic injuries.

While you never want to expect that your teenage or young adult children are at risk, history shows just how dangerous these months can be. It’s vital to instill safe driving techniques in your child to prevent them from suffering injuries because of someone else’s negligence and keep them from causing accidents themselves.

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