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Is It Possible for a Passenger to Be Responsible for a Crash?

There are many ways a car accident can happen. Speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are common factors for accidents.

But what happens when a passenger causes distracting behavior that results in an accident? The Briggle & Polan, PLLC team is here to answer that question and what steps you should take in case this happens to you or a loved one.

What Are The Responsibilities of a Passenger?

The person behind the wheel is responsible for driving their vehicle safely. Their duties include following the speed limit, using correct signals, and maintaining a safe distance from the drivers around them. Although passengers are not the ones driving, they can take precautions to ensure the safety of both the driver and themselves.

Passengers can do simple things to keep their drivers safe, like eliminating distractions in the car. By keeping the music at a minimal volume and assisting with directions, the passenger can allow the driver to stay focused on the road. However, the main thing a passenger should never do is ask the driver to take their eyes off the road as an accident can happen at any second.

How Can Passengers Distract Drivers?

Specific behaviors and actions can cause drivers to divert their attention away from the road. Here are some examples of things passengers can do to distract the driver:

  • Arguing with the driver,
  • Messing with the GPS,
  • Blocking their view, or
  • Showing the driver unnecessary texts or videos.

What If A Distracting Passenger Caused My Crash?

It’s important to remember the driver will initially be held liable if a car accident happens. If distractions continue, it’s best to pull over into a rest stop or safely onto the side of a road to assess the situation.

If a passenger causes reckless behavior that leads to a crash, the passenger could be held legally liable. It’s essential to understand that proving liability when the passenger is at fault can be challenging without a skilled attorney. If you have been in an accident at the fault of a passenger, it’s in your best interest to seek legal counsel.

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