Bus drives in the city during the day

What Is the Death Zone On a Bus?

Have you ever been on a bus and wondered what the “Death Zone” was? This is the area immediately ahead of or behind the bus, where passengers are most likely to be hit by another vehicle. In this blog post, we will discuss the dangers of the Death Zone and how to stay safe while traveling on a bus.

The Bus Death Zone

The Death Zone is the area around a bus that is most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. It can be very difficult to see people in this area due to blind spots created by the bus’s design. This means that it is easy for vehicles to miss seeing a person in the Death Zone, leading to serious injuries or fatalities.

In order to stay safe while traveling on or near a bus, passengers and passersby should always be aware of their surroundings and look out for potential hazards in the Death Zone. It's also important to remember that buses will not always stop at designated stops and may slow down unexpectedly, so it's best to move away from the edge of the street if you're walking alongside one.

Additionally, try to avoid crossing the street right in front of a bus and look out for vehicles that may be turning onto the same side of the street as you.

It's important to be aware of the risks associated with the Death Zone and take extra care when traveling around buses.

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