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The Importance of Hiring a Local Austin Personal Injury Attorney

In our experience, sustaining what is defined as a “personal injury” can impact the individual’s life as well as the lives of their family members. The injured person may be put out of work for an extended period of time, meaning their household may lose out on essential income. The family’s vehicle may be beyond repair, leaving their partner unable to get to work as well. The injured individual may also experience PTSD and other emotional injuries, which may impact the entire family unit.

There are so many situations like this that we have encountered in our years of experience working with injury victims and their families. On top of all that, one of the most stressful things about sustaining an injury is having to deal with the legal aftermath of a personal injury case.

If you are in this situation, you may be left wondering, “How do I choose the right personal injury attorney?” There are many different answers to this question. A majority of the time, choosing a local personal injury attorney can benefit your case and leave you with the best chances of receiving a maximum financial recovery.

Personal Injury Laws Can Vary by Area

Depending on where you are located, your case will fall under a particular jurisdiction. This means that your case may follow strict and unique state and local laws, which will require the knowledge of a skilled attorney who is local to the area and able to effectively apply the law to your case. A local Austin personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that your case meets deadlines according to local and state laws and help determine liable parties in your individual case.

Austin Insurance Companies Can Be Tough

We know from experience that insurance companies will do everything they can to deny paying injury victims the compensation that they deserve. They know that these individuals are going through some of the hardest times of their lives. They may use this to their advantage by unnecessarily drawing out the case or failing to communicate in an effective and timely manner. They do this so that injury victims in less time and for less money.


A seasoned personal injury attorney who is local to the area will most likely have built up a reputation as a hard-hitter in and out of court. This person will be familiar with the tactics of local insurance adjusters and will know how to ensure that that they do not try to offer you a low-ball settlement offer or draw out your case for no apparent reason. The insurance companies won’t try to put up a fight against someone that they know will effectively fight hard for their clients

They Will Have a Solid Local Reputation

When it comes to your personal injury case, you want someone on your side who knows exactly what you’re up against. Obtaining a personal injury attorney with a solid reputation can benefit you in a few ways:

1. The insurance company will know they are up against a fierce offense and will be more inclined to settle.

2. The judge overseeing the case will know that your attorney is someone with an outstanding track record and solid merit.

3. You have a better chance at avoiding a trial if the defense knows that your attorney is someone who comes prepared with well-rounded evidence.

They Will Know Local Courts Proceedings

Court proceedings vary in many different aspects. Your Austin-based personal injury attorney will have regular experience handling cases in these local courts. They will be familiar with local judges and their various styles. Depending on the judge, court, and details of the case, your personal injury attorney will then be able to present the evidence in court with the intent to effectively show how you were impacted due to the accident. Doing this will increase your chances of the court ruling in your favor and, therefore, increase your odds at obtaining compensation for your damages.

You Will Have Effective Communication

You shouldn’t have to worry about traveling every time you need to see your attorney in person. This racks up more expenses as you are already trying to obtain a financial recovery. On top of that, you shouldn’t have to worry about being far from your attorney or home base when you are trying to heal physically and emotionally. The convenience of having your personal injury attorney just a few minutes away will take additional stress off of your back.

Why Choose Briggle & Polan?Hayden Briggle and Parker Polan

Choosing the right personal injury attorney in Austin is important. At our firm, we are results-based and work hard to provide each and every client with the responsive, caring, and skilled representation that their case needs.


Remember that Briggle & Polan offers free case reviews to those who want more time to decide if we are the right fit. We also work on a contingency fee-basis. What this means is that we don’t collect any fees from you unless we help win you compensation. This gives us even more incentive to fight hard for your financial recovery and ensure you walk away with the money you need to heal.


Personal injury cases are very timely, so the time to act is now. Contact our firm at (512) 400-3278 for a free and confidential case review.