police officer pulling over drunk driver

Some Tell-Tale Signs of an Intoxicated Driver

Labor Day is just around the corner. While this is a much-anticipated long weekend for many, some people get behind the wheel when they should not. Statistics show that more drunk driving accidents occur during this time period.


In order to help prevent accidents and injuries, here are some tell-tale signs of an intoxicated driver and what to do if you believe someone is driving under the influence.


Alcohol can make it difficult to see what is right in front of you. If a car is swerving in and out of their own lane, especially without properly using their turn signals, it could mean that the driver is impaired by alcohol.

Persistent Tailgating

Because it can be difficult for drunk drivers to see clearly, they may closely follow the driver in front of them. Drunk drivers have slower reflexes, so this can increase the chance of an accident if the drunk driver needs to brake suddenly.

Excessive Braking

Under the influence, drivers may have difficulty gauging how fast they are going or how hard they are hitting the gas. You may see their brake lights flash on and off as the driver tries to drive at a reasonable speed.

Driving Unreasonably Slow

Some intoxicated drivers try to overcompensate by going extra slow on the road. This usually looks less suspicious than speeding, at least to them. However, driving excessively slow can be a hazard and also be a sign of a drunk driver/


These signs may point to intoxicated driving, but none are actual proof that the driver is intoxicated. However, most of these can become dangerous, so the safest move is to keep as much distance between you and the other vehicle. If you believe that someone on the road is driving under the influence, you can contact local law enforcement or call 9-1-1 to report the vehicle and motorist for unsafe driving and possible intoxication.


We hope that helping others stay informed of signs of drunk driving can help prevent accidents and keep intoxicated drivers off the road.


In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured in a drunk driving accident, our attorneys are here to help you pursue compensation for your losses. Contact Briggle & Polan at (512) 400-3278 to discuss your options.