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Are Truck Drivers Receiving Enough Training?

Many prospective truck drivers are eager to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses and start driving immediately. However, before they do so, they must go through training and meet certain eligibility requirements.


While the requirements may seem reasonable at first glance, a closer look at the training and requirements may show that truck drivers are not receiving enough education to prevent accidents caused by driver error.

Truck Driver Requirements

In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license in Texas, prospective truck drivers must meet a few key requirements:

  1. Obtain a CDL permit. Before training in a commercial vehicle, individuals must obtain a CDL permit bypassing several written tests and a basic eye exam.

  2. Attend a truck driver training school. Most of the time, truck drivers enroll in trucking schools that train them for three to four weeks in order to pass the tests needed for a commercial driver’s license.

  3. Pass a CDL test. To pass the CDL test, prospective drivers typically must complete a two-part exam that includes a knowledge and skills test.

Insufficient Training Leads to Driver Error

Unfortunately, these requirements may not be enough to prevent a majority of trucking accidents caused by driver error. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released a study that broke down some common causes of truck accidents caused by driver error:

  • 44% involved truckers who were taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs

  • 23% involved drivers traveling too fast for conditions

  • 18% were caused by driver fatigue


In addition, prospective truck drivers in Texas only need to be 18 years old to drive intrastate (within state lines) and 21 years old to drive interstate (across state lines). This means that young individuals with only a few years of experience are eligible to operate large vehicles that could potentially put everyone else on the road at risk.


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