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5 Ways Alcohol Impacts Driving Ability

Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous ways to drive. Driving itself is an action that requires functioning use of your hands, eyes, and feet to control the vehicle safely. All of these are controlled by your brain, which becomes impaired once a person begins drinking alcohol. Here is how is affects a driver’s ability to drive and why it is proven to be so dangerous.

1. Judgement

After drinking, people do not make the same decisions that they would if they were sober. This affects their ability to think clearly, reason, and use sound judgement to plan ahead. They may drive more recklessly or become angry if a car is going slow in front of them.

2. Comprehension

It is harder for those under the influence of alcohol to comprehend what is happening around them. This makes it extremely dangerous for those behind the wheel. It may be more difficult to understand what road signs mean and they can become easily confused and unable to react in emergency situations.

3. Coordination

Drinking alcohol affects one’s motor skills and hand/eye/foot coordination. From difficulty putting the key in the ignition to improper braking and accelerating, this impairment of one’s motor skills can affect a driver’s ability to react on the road.

4. Vision

It is difficult for those under the influence to see properly in front of them. This is because it impairs one’s ability to control eye movement and see clearly. Because of this, it can be difficult for drunk drivers to focus on one thing in front of them. It can also skew one’s depth perception, making cars ahead look nearer or farther than they are.

5. Reaction Time

Alcohol slows down one’s ability to react immediately, something that is essential on the road when situations and road conditions are constantly changing. This lack of ability to react quickly can lead to accidents and injuries.


Those who are consuming alcoholic beverages should always avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking. Instead, make sure to have a designated sober driver or call an Uber or Lyft for a ride.


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