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Burn Injury Types & Their Causes

As with any situation where you suffer an injury, recognizing the cause of your burn injury can help you prove liability and pursue compensation. Below, we’ll detail the 5 main types of burn injuries and the potential causes, so you understand your legal rights moving forward.

Thermal Burns

There are some of the most common burns because they can arise in many different situations. Thermal burns occur when you contact any flames or fire, or any items that are scalding hot (such as liquids or heating appliances. One potential cause involving negligence can include a waiter spilling boiling hot liquid on you.

Chemical Burns

These types of burns are more common in various workplaces where you may be exposed to acid, chlorine, bleach, and potentially other dangerous chemicals. Should these chemicals contact your eyes or skin, it can cause significant burns.

Electrical Burns

This type of burn can arise when someone has non-insulated cords or worn material on electrical wiring. Similarly, if someone does not connect the wiring properly, there’s a risk of an electrical burn which can go into the body and impact internal tissues, muscles, and organs.

Friction Burns

These types of burns occur when there is significant friction (hence the name) between your skin and a hard surface. It is almost like an abrasion as it can result in several layers of skin being removed. This can cause significant scarring and may occur in situations such as a motorcycle accident (road rash).

Radiation Burns

Prolonged exposure to radiation can result in this type of burn. The most common type is a sunburn, but when you factor in negligence, it can occur if a doctor provides an overdose of radiation during therapy such as that used for cancer.

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