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What are the Symptoms of a Third-Degree Burn?

In terms of burn injuries, the severity of the injury is categorized by either first, second, or third degree. First-degree burns are the mildest and don’t take long to recover from, but the more severe the injury, the more damaging the symptoms.

A third-degree burn can have a significant impact on your physically and emotionally. It’s vital to recognize the symptoms of a third-degree burn, as well as the importance of holding someone liable for these damages.

The Symptoms

  • Appearance: Your skin may have a dry and leathery appearance, but it may have a black, white, brown, or yellowish color.
  • Pain: You may not feel any pain when you suffer a third-degree burn because the damage it causes to your nerves. The more significant the burn, it causes nerve endings to be destroyed and makes it so you don’t feel pain.
  • Internal damage: The severity of these burns can reach beneath the upper layer of skin to the muscles, tendons, and more.

Unfortunately, these burns are some of the most severe and without medical care, it can be difficult to properly recover. You should be sure you’re taking the necessary steps to get the medical care you need to properly heal, but there are symptoms that you may endure your entire life.

Some of the symptoms experienced with third degree burns can closely resemble other medical conditions, so it’s important to make sure you get medical attention quickly. This can also help in showing should someone be negligent, and you need to pursue compensation.

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