woman with burn injury scars

Can a Burn Injury Result in Emotional Damages?

We know that there are significant physical damages you can experience with a burn injury including significant damage to your skin and the layers beneath the affected area. However, it’s often more than the physical injuries you must consider when pursuing the compensation that you need.

In many cases, you require compensation for the damages you sustain, but not everyone is fully aware of their right to obtain emotional damages. It is the emotional damages that you must consider when filing your claim against a negligent and responsible party.

Your Quality of Life

Emotional damages in a burn injury claim consider your quality of life and how it has been impacted by your injuries. The more severe a burn injury, the more it can impact your ability to do certain things. Even more, it can diminish your quality of life should you be unable to do things you once enjoyed prior to the injury.

Emotional damages consider just how much this injury has impacted your quality of life. If you can show how much your life has been impacted, it can play a great role to pursue compensation for non-economical damages.

Scarring and Emotional Distress

It’s unfortunate, but some of the most severe burns can leave scarring that will be with you for an entire lifetime. As such, this can have a large impact on your confidence and self-esteem, making it difficult for you to enjoy life as you had before.

These types of damages can fall under emotional distress and there may be an additional legal action available to pursue pain and suffering damages.

Emotional damages can be recovered under non-economic compensation, which is dependent on how much an injury has impacted your life. There’s no valuation associated with these damages, so it’s up to you to show the true impact in order to receive compensation.

We know that this can be a difficult time for you, and you need someone on your side. Our Austin burn injury lawyers at Briggle & Polan, PLLC stand ready to represent your best interests and pursue the outcome needed to move forward with confidence.

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