car driving in the rain

Dangers of Bad Weather Driving

As weather conditions change, rain starts to fall, and drivers begin to adjust, there’s bound to be accidents on the road. When you factor in the upcoming holidays, it’s unfortunate that negligence runs rampant around this time of year.

The bad weather makes things even more dangerous. However, many people don’t know that even in bad weather crashes, you can hold someone responsible if they are also negligent. Below, we’ll detail some of the biggest dangers in bad weather and where negligence may exist.

What Problems Exist in Bad Weather?

It helps for you to recognize what issues may exist when the weather turns for the worse. Understanding the dangers allows you to prepare for what’s to come, and you could potentially avoid an accident if you encounter any of these problems on the road.

  • Puddles can cause you to hydroplane
  • Rain and fog can reduce your visibility
  • Water and slick roads can prevent you from braking
  • Oil slicks can resurface and cause you to lose control of your vehicle

How are Drivers Negligent?

Despite terrible weather conditions playing a factor, you may still hold someone accountable for a crash if they are unsafe. For instance, if a driver fails to maintain their vehicle (changing brakes or windshield wipers), they may be liable for causing a crash because of their reduced stopping time or visibility.

In bad weather conditions, drivers must change their perception of the laws. While posted speed limits dictate legal maximums, drivers may need to drive slower in certain weather. Driving safe for conditions is imperative, but when drivers don’t consider weather conditions, they are negligent.

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