man receiving treatment for a head injury

Treatment Options Following a TBI

We know how serious it is to suffer a traumatic brain injury, as these damages often result in lifelong problems that you have to endure. Seeking compensation means being able to cover expenses associated with the damages you sustain, which may include therapy and other treatment options for the brain injury.

While many traumatic brain injuries are irreversible and there are no cures to help remedy the situation, there are some treatment options that can help in the event of a problem. Here are some of the most effective ways that traumatic brain injuries can be treated.

Physical Therapy

This type of therapy can help you to deal with the physical pain you may endure as a result of the injury, but also to aid in recovering much of the motor function you may lose. If you’re brain injury has caused you to experience balance and coordination issues, physical therapy can help.

Physical therapy can help with other issues you may experience as a result of your brain injury, such as if you experience issues with pain and more.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can be beneficial in providing you with help through matters such as difficulty swallowing and slurred speech (two things that may arise when dealing with a brain injury). Speech therapy may last years as you try to get through the impact of a brain injury.

Occupational Therapy

This is a type of therapy that can help you focus on regaining independence to get back what the skills and abilities you once had. Occupational therapy focuses on some of the main abilities you may require moving forward, including the possibility of using adaptive equipment and more.

Therapy can be costly over the course of your lifetime. It’s vital to pursue compensation when you need it most, and our Austin brain injury attorneys want to help you pursue it. Trust that Briggle & Polan, PLLC is here to help you be the voice you need to pursue justice in this difficult time.

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