insurance adjuster getting paperwork signed by a claimant

What Does an Insurance Company Have to Do After an Accident?

You know the steps you should take after a car accident to protect your rights. When you report your crash to the insurance company, these large corporations also have various responsibilities they must complete whenever they receive a claim.

If you suffer injuries, it’s vital for you to recognize everything an insurance adjuster must do to help you get through the claims-filing process. If they don’t take these steps and follow their responsibilities, they are acting in bad faith. A denial of your claim following a failure to complete an investigation of your accident can make the insurance company subject to legal action.

A Timely Investigation of Your Claim

Insurance companies know that the longer they take on your claim, the more likely you are to accept a settlement because you need the financial help. However, adjusters are required to perform a timely investigation of your claim to determine liability.

When insurance companies fail in this regard, you can work with an attorney to help hold them accountable.

An Investigation Without Discrimination

While insurance adjusters are there to protect the company for which they work, they are required to perform a thorough and fair investigation. This means ensuring that no form of discrimination comes into play when making a decision regarding compensation.

Insurance adjusters must only focus on the facts of the accident itself, and they cannot deny a claim based on a discriminatory reason.

A Fair Outcome

Many insurance companies are okay with providing a fair outcome when needed. However, some of them still act as big corporations and put profits over personal safety. When you are offered a settlement far less than what you need for your damages, you may be able to pursue the compensation you deserve through additional legal action.

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