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What are the 5 Signs of Emotional Suffering After an Accident?

Emotional distress, trauma, pain and suffering; no matter what you call it, your emotional stress plays a role in the mental impact following a car accident. Unfortunately, it’s the emotional damages you suffer that can last much longer than the physical pain you endure. To pursue compensation for emotional suffering, you must receive a proper diagnosis, but recognizing the signs can help you start the process.

1. Behavioral Changes

You may notice that your behavior and personality changes after an accident. Certain triggers make you feel or act a certain way, and you no longer enjoy the things you once did. These are signs that your emotional suffering is causing changes in how you act.

2. Fear and Anxiety

If certain triggers from the accident cause you to freeze in place, it may indicate you are experiencing emotional trauma. For instance, the sound of a car horn can remind you of the same sound you heard during your crash, bringing up repressed memories and causing anxiety and fear.

3. Isolation

You may start declining invitations from your friends or family members because you fear getting in a vehicle. Isolation and pulling away from people and activities you once enjoyed can be common following a car accident.

4. Avoidance

If you find yourself avoiding any situation that may remind you of your crash, it could be a clear sign of emotional trauma. You may stay out of vehicles, sometimes not even willing to take a bus or bicycle because of the vehicles around you.

5. Overwhelming Feelings

Emotional trauma can cause you to feel overwhelmed just thinking about your accident or any situation in which you may suffer a similar result. Therapy can help with these feelings, whether you tackle them head-on or learn how to avoid them.

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