Factory line at a car manufacturing plant

Can I Sue a Car Manufacturer?

If you have ever been the victim of a car accident involving a product defect, it’s crucial to understand how you can pursue compensation. You should know your rights and how to move forward, including recognizing the parties you may sue.

After an automotive defect causes a crash, you can take the legal action necessary to file a claim or lawsuit against a manufacturer. Here’s what you should know about the process moving forward:

When a Car Manufacturer Is Negligent

After a crash, you must show that a product was defective as a result of a design defect, manufacturing defect, or failure to warn. Proving any of these elements can prove to be difficult on your own, but it’s crucial to do so to hold a manufacturer accountable for the damages you sustain.

While some cases may involve manufacturers of individual auto parts, if the defect occurs shortly after the vehicle hits the market, it’s the primary manufacturer who is most often at fault.

Who Else Can I Sue?

In many situations, your legal options extend beyond just suing a vehicle manufacturer. Some other parties can include the following:

  • Parts manufacturer if the car manufacturer utilizes another company’s parts
  • Vehicle dealership that sells the defective motor vehicle

Far too often, manufacturers overlook proper safety in hopes of getting their vehicles on the market much sooner. This often results in some of the most dangerous vehicles on the roads, and they end up being recalled in the future. If you suffer an injury because of a product defect in a crash, you have rights.

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