Used cars parked in a row

Used Cars and Product Defects

We know that product defects cause several crashes each year. As such, liability in lawsuits often involve manufacturers and retailers who sell vehicles and potentially defective auto parts. However, there’s an area of law that can become particularly difficult: product defects and used vehicles.

In most cases, liability is clear. The product manufacturer is accountable for injuries stemming from a product defect car accident. However, if a used car seller—either private or dealership—sells you a vehicle with a product defect, who is negligent? Before you jump into taking legal action, it helps to work with an attorney to understand your options better.

Recognize the Used Car Sellers Role

Used car sellers come in two forms:

  • Private sellers: These are the people who post classified ads on websites or social media to promote the sale of a vehicle they have owned.
  • Used car dealers: These are retailers who sell multiple used vehicles to the public. They also buy the car from someone prior to selling it.

Most situations of liability will depend on the state and the situation. For instance, if you buy a used vehicle from a public seller, they may have the term “as is” in their advertisement. If they do, you are buying the vehicle knowing the issues. You should also know that these parties may not have the means to pay out a lawsuit if the vehicle turns out to be defective.

However, with a used car dealer, you expect them to inspect the vehicle when they buy them. They should inspect the vehicle before purchasing it and putting it on the lot for resell. If you buy a defective vehicle from a used car dealer, you may be able to hold them accountable for an injury stemming from the product defect.

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