woman on her phone while driving

Visual Distractions While Driving

In this series of blogs, we will discuss distracted driving and the dangers concerning the various actions that constitute negligence. Distracted driving accounts for thousands of accidents each year, and it’s vital to understand the components of a distraction, starting with visual distractions.

Visual distractions are all those that cause a driver to look away from the road while driving. Here are some of the different visual distractions that may exist.

Looking to Passengers

If a driver looks at his or her passengers, it means they are not looking around them. Glancing away from the road for a few seconds — especially at high speeds — can lead to a severe crash as the visual distraction reduces reaction time. If a driver is looking at passengers, they may also be talking to them. Both of these actions take their focus away from the road.

Looking at a Phone

We all know how dangerous cellphones are, and the phone can cause some of the biggest distractions. If a driver is looking at their phone, it means they’re not looking ahead of the vehicle, which could be very dangerous. Even if the driver has the phone mounted, a quick glance can prove to be a potential hazard.

Looking at a Crash or Broken-Down Vehicle On the Side of the Road

A crash on the side of the road can cause all vehicles to slow down. However, as people look to see what happened, it can be easy to miss other vehicles stopping, causing a rear-end collision. It’s often situations like this that lead to multi-vehicle crashes.

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