Young man driving a car with a pensive look on his face as he looks out the open window

5 Steps to Take If You’re Being Followed While Driving

Being followed on the road by a stranger is never a good thing. That’s why we’ve put together some steps to take if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

#1 - Remain calm and verify you are actually being followed.

Make four right or left turns. If the vehicle is still behind you, it’s likely you are being followed.

#2 - Try to make note of the vehicle’s identifying features.

Texas law requires that you have a license plate on both the front and rear of your vehicle. If you can do so safely, make note of your stalker’s license plate number, car color, make, and model. If you cannot safely obtain all of the aforementioned information, any combination of these details should be helpful. Just be sure you don’t cause an accident while trying to retrieve this information.

#3 - Report the vehicle to law enforcement.

Call 9-1-1 and let them know you are being followed. Provide them with the identifying features you noted earlier.

#4 - Reduce your speed.

It’s much more difficult to follow a slow driver than it is a fast one. Go as slow as you feel safe to do so and your stalker may get frustrated and move on.

#5 - DO NOT drive home.

The last thing you want is for your stalker to know where you live. Instead of going home, drive to the nearest police or fire department. Police departments are sometimes relatively vacant because officers are out on patrol, so the fire station may be a better place to find people.

When you arrive, if no one is outside, try to call the station and let them know you are there and fear for your safety before you get out of the car.

Usually, a stalker won’t follow you into a police or fire station, so you may not need to actually speak to anyone when you arrive. Overall, use good judgment and trust your instincts.

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