Overhead view of a lonely red car driving along a curvy forest road

Are Red Cars More Prone to Accidents?

Around the world, there are about 3,000 deaths each day due to traffic accidents. You may wonder whether the make or model of the car you drive has any impact on the number of accidents you’re involved in.

You may have heard those who drive red cars are more susceptible to accidents. Read on to learn the truth.

How Your Car’s Color Impacts Your Risk of an Accident

Prior studies have shown that white or light-colored cars are not as likely to be involved in accidents compared to cars of other colors. However, more recent research suggests something different.

According to a more timely study, “The risk of a serious injury in yellow, grey, red, and blue cars was not significantly different from that in white cars.”

In other words, the risk of car accident injury is relatively similar for white, yellow, grey, red, and blue cars. However, the study also states that silver cars were roughly 50% less likely to be involved in an accident resulting in serious injury than white cars.

According to another study, drivers in black cars are the most prone to car accidents.

Color Characteristics

Close vs. Far Away

The way your eyes perceive colors is different based on each hue. Your eyes naturally perceive yellow and red objects to be closer to you while blue and green objects tend to look further away.

Drivers are often more careful about cars that appear closer to them.

Swelling vs. Shrinking

In general, some colors may give you the feeling of different sizes. Typically, yellow provides a swelling effect, which makes yellow objects appear larger than they are. The same surface area of a blue or green object may feel smaller in volume and is considered a shrinking color.

Research from different parts of the world illustrates that blue and green vehicles are involved in more crashes than yellow cars. To some degree, this can show that the visual perception of swelling colors is more noticeable.

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