People scared in a car about to get into an accident

Can a Passenger Be Held Accountable for a Car Accident?

Having passengers in the car can be fun, but it can also be challenging to maintain your focus when there’s so much going on inside the vehicle.

If you frequently have passengers in your car with you, you may wonder whether it’s possible to hold them accountable for an accident that they contribute to. Read on to learn the answer.

Duty of the Driver

As the driver, you have a duty to make sure you are alert, not distracted, and not impaired. If you have a reason to believe your passenger may cause a crash, it is your responsibility to pull the car off the road until you can safely return to driving.

Duty of the Passenger

Similarly, your passengers have a duty to avoid interfering with you while you are driving. There are several reasons why a passenger may share the blame for a car accident, including:

  • Pressuring you to drive while you’re intoxicated,
  • Encouraging you to drive carelessly,
  • Sharing text messages with you,
  • Fighting with or distracting you in other ways, or
  • Persuading you to participate in a street race.

If your passenger grabs the steering wheel and it causes you to crash, he or she may be solely responsible for any damages that incur as a result. However, it is always up to you, the driver, to maintain safe driving.

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