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How Infotainment Systems Can Be Dangerous to Drivers

While infotainment systems provide drivers with seemingly endless tools to assist with travel and make drivers more comfortable, all these additional functions may come at a price—safety.

Read on to learn more about how infotainment systems can pose dangers to drivers.

Infotainment Systems Can Be Distracting

As you know, distracted driving is very dangerous and is a significant problem across the nation.

Studies show that in-vehicle technology features in newer cars (namely infotainment systems) are usually too dangerous to use safely. In fact, analyses of using these systems while driving show that infotainment systems are often even more distracting to drivers than cellphone use or even texting behind the wheel.

According to research, infotainment systems require drivers to take their eyes off the road for extended periods of time and often demand that drivers conduct very complicated interactions.

Both voice-based and touch-screen features require drivers to remove their hands, eyes, and even minds off of focusing on the road.

Older Drivers Are At a Heightened Risk

Research indicates that older drivers ages 55-75 take their eyes and attention away from the road for over eight seconds longer than younger drivers ages 21-36 when conducting menial tasks such as setting up navigation or putting on music through the use of in-vehicle infotainment features.

In addition, older adults experienced slower reaction times and elevated visual distractions.

To put this information into context, removing your eyes from the road for only two seconds doubles your risk of an accident.

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