Man on his phone after a car accident

Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be very complicated legal issues that the novice injured victim cannot navigate to the fullest extent of the law. Some injury cases are relatively simple and may not require the expertise of a legal professional. However, others be very difficult and strongly contested, especially when wrongful death is the primary claim. Insurance company claims adjusters tend to use two methods when discussing a claim with an injured claimant.

One common negotiation method is attempting to convince the claimant to not retain a personal injury lawyer by stating the issue can be worked out without an attorney. This position from the insurance company is the first sign that you will need representation. The other method is a diligent attempt to avoid paying the claim based on no responsibility, often claiming an injury is the result of the claimant’s own action. Regardless of the case facts, it is always a good decision to retain a personal injury attorney when filing an injury claim, and especially in states like Texas that do not use the “no-fault” insurance model.

Investigating an Accident

All auto wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents are investigated by the local or state police authorities and an official accident report is issued. Each driver is assessed for contribution to causation for the wreck, which is then used generally in determining medical bill responsibility and equitable insurance settlements. A personal injury lawyer can also conduct an investigation on behalf of their client and craft a counterclaim that can be used in negotiation or brought to court in a hearing for questioning of all witnesses and officers. Trucking companies always try to control this component of an accident case from the start, and an auto accident attorney can build an argument that protects their client best.

Negotiating a Settlement

Insurance claims adjusters are trained professional negotiators that work daily denying or lessening the value of insurance claims. They can utilize bargaining tactics that most claimants do not understand. They also do not have to disclose the full amount of insurance a negligent driver may have, especially regarding truck accidents or construction accidents. Both types of accidents can cause serious injuries and both negligent parties are established companies in most instances. This means that extensive funds may be available and a whole damage settlement may be available when you have an aggressive personal injury attorney.

Statistics show that injured victims recover approximately 40% more in settlements than claimants who do not hire representation. This fact alone is enough to encourage anyone injured in an accident to contact an experienced personal injury attorney like the legal professionals at Briggle & Polan, PLLC for a full free evaluation of your claim potential.