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The Long-Term Damages of a Brain Injury

Whenever you suffer a traumatic brain injury, the long-term damages associated with them can be difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, these damages can impact your entire life, and it’s complicated to understand the way to move forward.

To better recognize the need to pursue compensation, you should recognize the long-term damages associated with a brain injury and just how important it is to hold negligence accountable.

Physical Impact of a Brain Injury

A brain injury can cause significant physical problems should you suffer one. This can include issues involving seizures, ongoing headaches, convulsing, and more. In many situations, it can also impact your balance, mobility, coordination, and more.

Physical impacts can also affect your sensory abilities, including hearing and seeing, smelling, taste, and sensation. In some situations, it can also lead to muscle tone problems, fatigue, and more. It can make it difficult to complete some of your daily functions, making it difficult to drive or complete day-to-day tasks.

Mental Impact of a Brain Injury

Unfortunately, while the physical problems of a brain injury are difficult enough to deal with alone, the mental impact is often much worse. This type of an injury can have an impact on your emotional state, behavior, memory function, developmental abilities, and more.

Cognitive functions are often impaired as a result of a traumatic brain injury as well, sometimes leading to an inability to focus or concentrate. The developmental disabilities you may sustain, as well, can impact your long-term motor function.

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