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If your personal property was damaged in a natural disaster or even through the criminal actions of a third party, your right to file a property damage claim for compensation should not be denied by your insurance provider. Unfortunately, claim denials are all too common among insurers, many of whom are more eager to protect the wealth of their business than to provide financial support to the individuals they insure.

If your claim is denied or delayed, you could suffer financially from the costs required to rectify the damage that was done to your property. If you’re having trouble recovering rightful compensation for property damage, you should immediately speak to an Austin property damage claims lawyer from Briggle & Polan, PLLC. We are prepared to help you fight for the fair compensation you are owed in your property damage claim.

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Types of Property Damage for Which You May File a Claim

Property damage can be extremely expensive to repair or replace, which is why filing an insurance claim is necessary.

Common types of property damage for which you can file a claim for compensation include:

Individuals can also file a claim for property damage caused by toxic mold exposure, mildew, sinkholes, vandalism, HVAC, riots, and falling objects.

What Is Bad Faith Law?

Bad faith insurance practices are common among providers that are more concerned with increasing earnings than with protecting clients. Technically, an insurance policy is a contract between the consumer and insurance company, a contract that is meant to protect the consumer in the event of property damage. Unfortunately, as the term “bad faith insurance” might suggest, investigations into claims that are made have revealed that some insurance companies are guilty of committing industry-related indiscretions, such as wrongly denying a claim and/or performing an inadequate investigation into the property damage that occurred.

The state of Texas requires insurance companies to treat customers in good faith, which means that every insurer is professionally obligated to adjust the customer’s claim both promptly and fairly. Intent upon minimizing the cost of the claim’s payout, insurance adjusters are often quick to offer claimants low-ball settlements that do not come anywhere near close to covering the cost of the damages that were incurred. Briggle & Polan, PLLC is here to protect consumers against these types of bad faith practices, thus helping consumers avoid unwarranted delays and denials.

Examples of bad faith insurance practices include:

  • Failing to promptly investigate the claim
  • Intentionally underpaying the claim
  • Delaying payment of your claim
  • Refusing to pay the claim

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Have the Last Word!

Whether you’re struggling with the insurance company because of a delayed payment, a claim denial, or something else, you can confidently turn to the Austin property damage claim lawyers at our legal firm for help. Briggle & Polan, PLLC is backed by years of experience and we won’t charge any upfront fees to represent your case.

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We've Recovered Millions

  • $1.8 Million Delivery Truck Accident

    Our client was t-boned by a large package delivery truck that was traveling in excess of 70 mph. He sustained a severe neck injury that required spinal surgery. *Net to client was $759,182.96.

  • $350 Thousand Company Truck Collision

    Our client was struck by a company truck that ran a red light at a busy intersection. *Net to client was $166,651.36.

  • $400 Thousand Company Truck Wreck

    Our client was traveling down a residential street when a company truck backed out of a driveway into the side of her vehicle. *Net to client was $110,000.

  • $100 Thousand DWI Wreck Resolved

    Our client was struck by a drunk driver in Round Rock, Texas. *Net to client was $51,113.04.

  • $115 Thousand Distracted Driver Caused Collision

    A distracted driver failed to yield the right of way to our client, causing a collision. *Net to client was $25,035.44.

  • $132 Thousand Distracted Driver

    Our client was the passenger in a vehicle struck by a distracted motorist who failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. *Net to client was $33,250.59.

  • $112.5 Thousand Truck Crash Into Building

    A company driver lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a convenience store, injuring our client in the process. *Net to client was $30,259.56.

  • $82 Thousand T-Bone Collision

    Our client had to be airlifted to the hospital as a result of a t-bone collision. *Net proceeds to client were $23,914.57.

  • $85 Thousand T-Bone Collision Resolved

    Our client was t-boned by a distracted driver who ran a stop sign and required surgery for injuries sustained. *Attorney fees and expenses totaled $30,267.51.

  • $225 Thousand Collision With A Distracted Driver Operating An 18-Wheeler

    Our client severely injured her back in the wreck and the driver did not have the required commercial driver's license needed to operate the truck. *Net proceeds to client were $89,737.54.

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