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Who is Responsible for an Austin Truck Accident?

Who is Responsible for an Austin Truck Accident?

Responsibility for a truck accident can fall to many different parties, depending on a wide variety of causes. The weather and road conditions can be a major factor; mechanical failure or lack of safety mechanisms with the commercial truck may be another; sleepy or overworked drivers may be yet another factor; misbalanced or unbalanced truck cargo loads can factor into a truck accident; even error or fault on the part of the injured driver will not bar the injured driver and their family from seeking legal compensation for injuries sustained due to the truck accident.

Texas truck accident law specifically notes that truck employers may be responsible for any harms or injuries caused by their employee truck drivers. This liability is legally known as “respondeat superior” and spreads responsibility for the accident to the trucking company employer. Several legal elements must be properly established for this doctrine to apply and only an experienced legal professional can tell you for sure whether the trucking company, their insurance company or any other entity is a rightful defendant for your truck accident injury claim.

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